Our mission

Our mission is to help companies drive digitalization. We develop customized software solutions for companies in Switzerland and help them stay competitive or gain a competitive advantage.

Our strengths

Our specialty is the uncomplicated cooperation with our customers and the quick implementation of their ideas. Where others think of complex and cost-intensive implementations, we find a lean and cost-efficient solution to your problem. We specialize in the development of modern web applications, mobile apps, websites and the provision of hosting services - we approach all problems critically and question standard solutions, which are offered by agencies as a cost-intensive option.

Our vision

We believe that in today's digital world, there are simple and intuitive solutions to even the most complex problems. Our vision is a fully digitized and more innovative business landscape that accelerates technological progress and enables a promising future for our society.

Our values


Simplicity is always better than complexity. We prefer to take the first step instead of overthinking problems.


We optimize and scrutinize every day and do our best to reach our goal quickly.

Everything is possible

We always work according to the motto "Anything is possible", both for customers and internally.

Our aim is to make individual software development accessible to SMEs and to offer them customized solutions that are more than just satisfactory.

Gian Gyger
Managing Director
Portrait Gian Gyger | GG Software


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