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What is a Mobile App?

Mobile apps are applications that are specially optimized for mobile devices. They have a performance advantage over web apps, but cannot be used on PCs or in a browser. Instead, they are downloaded from the App Store or PlayStore.

When does a mobile app make sense?

Mobile apps make sense if the app is only to be used on mobile devices and performance is an important criterion. Nowadays, a progressive web app (PWA) is often developed instead. This is a web app that can also be installed on mobile devices and is often more cost-effective.

Advantages of mobile apps


All data can be stored centrally on a server. This allows several users to work on the same data record at the same time. The data is structured and can be reused.

App Store/PlayStore

Stakeholders can download the app directly from the AppStore or PlayStore.


We provide the app for you in the cloud, you do not need to worry about the server and IT infrastructure and can obtain the software from us as a ready-made solution.

Use Cases

Mobile working

Mobile apps are perfect for mobile working. If the work mainly takes place on the move, e.g. on a construction site or on the road, mobile apps can be used to capture data on-the-go.

Device features

Mobile apps can be given access to all device functions. For example, you can use the camera, GPS location detection, etc.

Individual solutions

For very individual processes and requirements, a mobile app can be used to develop a tool specifically tailored to the company. Individual solutions are often the start of innovation in the company or in the industry.


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