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Application Service Providing (Hosting)

What is Application Service Providing?

Application service providing or app hosting refers to the provision and operation of an application by a provider. We therefore provide your app in the cloud and ensure that it is always ready for use.

When does ASP make sense?

If you have developed your own app that runs centrally on a server, we always recommend an ASP contract. This means you don't have to worry about the provision and maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

What do we offer you?

We offer you the development and operation of your app from a single source. Together with our partners, we constantly monitor the IT infrastructure and ensure that your app is always up and running. We also process your support requests within a short time.

Vorteile von ASP


We and our partners manage the entire IT infrastructure and provide the app in the cloud. You don't need to worry about the servers and operation.

SLA & Support

We ensure that the app is always available and constantly monitor the infrastructure. In the event of support requests and malfunctions, we will help you within a short time.


We make sure that your data is protected. Your data is always encrypted and we make sure that only you have access to it.

Use Case

Your application

If you have an application developed by us, we have the know-how to provide it optimally in the cloud. You no longer need to worry about anything, but can simply obtain your own app from us as a service (software as a service).


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