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Small and medium-sized companies in particular often differ greatly in their processes. As a result, standard software or industry solutions usually do not fit the company exactly, which means that they have to adapt their processes and structures to the system.

A standard solution is often very cost-intensive, as high license costs and a high internal workload are required. However, only a small part of the complete solution is actually used. An individual solution is actually often more cost-effective, and companies are much more satisfied because the solution fits them perfectly and is flexible.

Why an individual solution?


An individual application is often more cost-effective than a standard solution, as only the functions that are actually required are developed and the company does not have to adapt its processes and structures.


An individual solution can do exactly what the company needs and is therefore intuitive and easy to use. It therefore fits perfectly into the lean management concept.


Individual solutions are not dependent on the provider. This means that they can always be further developed and adapted, even if your requirements change significantly.


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